July 2, 2011
Jude Sits in With Jefferson Starship and Big Brother and the Holding Company

At the Lakeville, Indiana, Folk & Blues Festival, Jude was a honored to be invited to sit in for several songs with two iconic bands that helped shape the genre of psychedelic rock: Jefferson Starship and Big Brother and the Holding Company. He was at the festival accompanying Cathy Richardson, the lead singer of the Macrodots (with whom Jude tours and records) and also the lead singer to the two aforementioned bands.

"Cathy is amazing to watch and hear," says Jude. "She fills the giant shoes of Grace Slick [in Jefferson Starship] and Janis Joplin [in Big Brother] in ways that I think would make both those legendary singers proud. She moves people. Her singing is both modern and psychedelic — the best of both worlds. I always love playing with her."

Jude also thrilled at the opportunity to play guitar onstage alongside Starship guitarists Slick Aguilar, David Freiberg, and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Paul Kantner, as well as Big Brother's founding guitarist Sam Andrew and their captivating new lead player Ben Nieves.

Jude Gold

Backstage at the Lakeview Folk & Blues Festival (from left): Jude Gold, Teressa Wilcox, Ben Nieves, Slick Aguilar