May, 2015
Jude Gold Releases Music Video for "Salamander"

Well-received with over 200,000 views in its first ten days on Facebook, Jude Gold's music video for his new single, "Salamander," features modern full-contact guitar techniques paired with vintage footage of a huge, creepy robot.

"I made the video in just one day," says Jude. "I filmed the performance stuff at home with my iPhone. Then, to make things more interesting, I wove in robot scenes from the 1939 film 'The Phantom Creeps,'"

Gold feels the sinister sound he gets by engaging his DigiTech Synth Wah pedal matches the the seven-foot-tall mechanical man's menacing facial expression.

"The robot is creepy looking, and has a face not even his mother could love, if he had a mother," says Gold. "But if you watch the video, I think you start to feel for Mr. Robot, especially when he falls into the wrong hands and meets with disaster."

Jude feels the vintage film footage makes the instrumental music video more interesting. "The robot sequence adds a kind of operatic level of tragedy," he says. "Plus, who knew they had even conceived of robots yet back in 1939?"

To download or stream the audio version of "Salamander," head to iTunes, Spotify, or other online music services.

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