July 16, 2020
Jefferson Starship Releases "It's About Time" Lyric Video

"It's About Time," the first single from Jefferson Starship's forthcoming EP (called Mother of the Sun), now has a lyric video. Released July 15, 2020, the video's goal seems to be to flood your retinas with a fun, colorful, rapidfire lyrical presention. Most of the editing of this video — especially all the psychedelic text treatments — was done by Jefferson Starship lead singer Cathy Richardson. Cathy also selected (with help from Greg Bizarro and his team at Jaffe Films), most of the background visuals. The song was written by Cathy Richardson, Jude Gold, and original Jefferson Starship/Jefferson Airplane frontwoman Grace Slick. A full-on music video for this song is expected to be released soon.