July 28, 2020
Jefferson Starship Release Music Video for "It's About Time"

Hi, everybody. Pleased to announce Jefferson Starship has just released the first music video for our upcoming seven-song EP, Mother of the Sun. The music video is for the first single, "It's About Time," co-written by lead singer Cathy Richardson, original Jefferson Starship frontwoman Grace Slick, and yours truly.

In an interview with Rolling Stone soon after the video's release, Cathy said, “I watched the Women’s March with Grace at her house back in 2017. She said, ‘This is just like the Sixties!’ and I suggested that we write a female empowerment song for the times that encapsulated the movement. A couple of months later, I received three handwritten pages of lyrics from Grace in the mail.”

“I’ve never been more proud of an album or a group of people in my life,” founding Jefferson Starship singer/multi-instrumentalist David Freiberg also told Rolling Stone.

Longtime Jefferson Starship drummer Donny Baldwin added, “This is new Jefferson Starship music that is so relevant for the times that we’re living in. We will always be connected to our history and carry forward the legacy that Paul Kantner passed on to us ... same soul, new era. Hope you love it as much as we do.”

It was a fun process putting "It's About Time" together. I had this riff and the changes and Cathy latched onto it and thought it would go great with the lyrics, and the two meshed nicely. The jangly recurring guitar melody I play is meant to ring out with a huge sound, like the giant 12-string parts Paul Kantner always played.

Watch the video HERE: