Jude to Perform with Eliot Fisk at Boston GuitarFest, June 16, 2011

In addition to performing a solo set of his own at the Boston GuitarFest, Thursday June 16, 2011, Jude will share the stage with master classical guitar virtuoso Eliot Fisk, performing the world premiere of a new work by Anthony P. DeRitis. Written for electric and amplified classical guitar, the piece follows in the bold tradition of DeRitis compositions such as Devolution, the critically acclaimed work for orchestra, DJ, and electric guitar DeRitis premiered in 2004. (At that piece's premiere, Jude was honored to perform with DJ Spooky and the Oakland Symphony.)

Reflective of Jude's varied musical adventures, the next evening (Friday, June 17th), Jude will be playing rock and roll at the Metropolis Ballroom (just outside of Chicago) with the Macrodots, featuring the always mesmerizing Cathy Richardson on vocals.