March, 2013
Jude and Brendon Small's Galaktikon

Metalocalypse mastermind Brendon Small (also the leader of that television show's famed metal band, Dethklok) is debuting an ambitious new solo project called Brendon Small's Galaktikon. He calls the music "high-stakes intergalactic extreme rock." Jude, playing guitar in and acting as musical director for the ensemble's debut, joins nine other musicians in helping Brendon bring the Galaktikon vision to life. The debut concert occurs at WesFest 8, which will be held at the iconic Sunset Strip rock venue, The Roxy, on Sunday, March 3, 2013.

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Brndon Small's Galaktikon

Brendon Small's Galaktikon Personnel:

Brendon Small - guitar, vocals
Jude Gold - guitar, musical direction
Bryan Beller (The Aristocrats, Dethklok, Joe Satriani) - bass, production management
Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa, Dethklok, Joe Satriani) - guitar
Rick Musallum - guitar
Walter Ino (Survivor) - keyboards, samples, vocals
Ben Thomas (Zappa Plays Zappa) - vocals
Jude Crossen - vocals
Kira Small - vocals
Ali Handal - vocals
Tim Yeung (Morbid Angel, Divine Heresy) - drums