August 17, 2011
Jude Releases First Single, "Funkytown"

Aug 17th, 2011, marks a pivotal moment in the musical adventures of Jude Gold. It marks the first time ever that the guitarist has released music under his own name. The song? A fully rocking, full-contact "spank guitar" version of the famous disco track by Lipps Inc., "Funkytown."

"I have always loved funk, soul, and other forms of dance music," says Jude. "I've have also always loved hard rock. I think both those sounds come together in this song. Plus, I also love comedy. When I realized one day that I could hammer the 'Funkytown' bass line with one hand while tapping the famous synth melody higher up the guitar neck with the other hand, I really cracked myself up and knew I had to do the song."

To listen to Jude Gold's rendition of "Funkytown," which features Joel Smith on both bass and drums, visit the Music page, or head to iTunes, where the song is available to download.

Next up for the song is a soon to be released video directed by Eric Shamlin.

Jude Gold